Most puppy photos on this page are taken between 4 and 4 1/2 months of age.  Many breeders sell their puppies at 8 weeks of age but I prefer to give my babies time to mature and grow.  My mom's love their babies so I allow them to wean naturally.  My puppies learn so much from their moms including the beginning stages of house training.  My puppies have well-balanced even temperaments partially due to this extra time and care from their mothers.  Price of each puppy is based on overall quality according to the Pomeranian breed standard of the American Kennel Club.  I have been raising Poms for twenty years and my focus in my breeding program has always been on health and personality first.  Companion simply means that the puppy will not be a show or breeding dog.  It means that their one job is to love their family.  All of my puppies are available to companion homes.  Price for all pups sold as companions include spay/neuter, microchip, and entire puppy series of DAPPV vaccines plus bordetella vaccine.   

The older a puppy is, the more house training they have in advance.

Available puppies shown on this page are current.
Last update - Jan. 21, 2017

That Something Special

The puppies in this section are selected as higher quality puppies because I personally found something special about each of them that sets them apart from the others. They are available for companion homes.  If looking for a show prospect, your puppy must be selected from this section.

Most of our puppies find their new homes very quickly.  If you see the ideal puppy for your family, it is important to reserve your puppy today! 

Lexi is a beautiful black and tan parti-color girl.  She is a tiny girl who is super fluffy and has the prettiest little face.  Lexi has the cutest personality.  She is curious and loves to explore new things.  Super adorable!  Sweet and cuddly yet playful.  Very social and loves everyone. Her sire is  Grand Champion Char's Tri'd and Tru Parti, Trio.  Mom is Wee Heart N Char's Parti For Erica.
Date of birth September 3, 2016. 
Price $4000.
Price includes spay, microchip, entire puppy series of DAPPV vaccines, and bordetella vaccine.

Priced Just Right

You will often find the perfect puppy for you with a lower price and wonder why??? I only choose a select few of my personal favorites and all other puppies go in this section.  All of my puppies are equally healthy with fun loving happy personalities. They also have a sweet cuddly side making them the perfect little darlings for all homes. They are doing good with their potty training and ready to join their new families.
Ethan is a beautiful cream parti-color male.   Ethan is a bit bigger than our average Pom here at Char's Poms.  He has tons of coat.  Super sweet personality - cuddly and sweet.  Loves to play.  Loves everyone.  His sire is CH Wee Hearts N Char's Snow Day Parti, Fury.  Mom is CH Char's Simply Sinful Parti, Sinny.  
Date of birth October 13, 2016. 
Price $2500.
Price includes neuter, microchip, DAPPV vaccines to date, and bordetella vaccine. 
Luna is a beautiful black and tan parti-color girl.  She is super fluffy and super cute.  She quickly became a favorite here with her happy personality and the sweet expression that is always on her face.  She is playful and loves toys but she is an equally great cuddler.  Very social and loves everyone. 
Her sire is Grand Champion Char's Tri'd and Tru Parti, Trio.  Mom is Wee Heart N Char's Parti For Erica.
Date of birth September 3, 2016. 
Price $2500.
Price includes spay, microchip, entire puppy series of DAPPV vaccines, and bordetella vaccine.

Envy is a boy who always seems happy.  He loves to play and run in the grass.  He gets along with everyone whether that be the other Poms, our cats, or our Bearded Collie.  He is very social and greets strangers readily.  He also loves to relax in the living room with us while we watch a movie.  He will lay on my desk while I type emails.  To me, he is happy to go with the flow of the household and fits right in regardless of what is going on.  He is never put out or unhappy.  If we are busy, he can find a toy or a chewy or one of the other Poms to occupy his time.  He is truly a great Pom and I can see him fitting in well in any happy home.  He tends to greet everyone with a tail wag and a smile.  He is not much of a barker which you may find to be a huge blessing.  While writing this, it hit home just how much I will miss him when he goes but I want him to have his own special home.  I haven't bred to him in a couple years so it is time to let him go.  I took these new pictures of Envy last week.  Envy is a truly beautiful Pom, inside and out. 
I had him health checked and all is good.  His only issue is that he is missing teeth.  I feed a top quality food - Orijen Regional Red dry food and he eats that food still today.  I want Envy to have a loving companion home.  He has such a lovely personality and he is used to being a part of a family.  I will not let him go to a kennel where I do not know that he has love.  I would like to sell him for $2500 as a companion.  This price will include his neuter, microchip, and all vaccines to date. Date of birth September 11, 2009. 

Date of birth September 11, 2009.

Price $1800. 
Price includes neuter, microchip, entire puppy series of DAPPV vaccines, and bordetella vaccine.
AKC Champion
Champion Char's R U Envy-ous

Envy is an excellent breeder.  He is past the age for showing.  I recommend him for a breeding or companion home because he has lost teeth at this point in his life.  He just turned seven years old.  Date of birth September 11, 2009.  He was 6/6, scissor bite.  Excellent pedigree.  He produces outstanding champions for me.  He has all normal results for his OFA clearances for health testing for eyes, patellas, and heart earning his CHIC certification.  He is an AKC champion.  He is approximately 22 cm tall.  His fontanels are closed. 
$7500 Breeding Price.

Sire - BIS BISS GCH CH Finch's Bettin' On Char's HOF GC ROM
#1 Pom 2006. A Parker son.
Dam - CH Alden's N Char's Popcorn
A beautiful cream sable champion.

**Please read**

I can ship worldwide.
My puppies are AKC registered Pomeranians.
 When writing to me about a puppy, please tell me about your home, your family, and your other companions.
Price of each puppy is based on overall quality and color.
All deposits and payments are non-refundable. Do not make payment without reading the contract. A payment is considered an acceptance of the contract and the contract is binding from the time payment is made.

e and split the expenses between clients.  This is often a good way to fly in to get youpuppy or drive and meet in that are
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I will consider a loving companion home for any of my available puppies.