Most puppy photos on this page are taken between 4 and 4 1/2 months of age.  Many breeders sell their puppies at 8 weeks of age but I prefer to give my babies time to mature and grow.  My mom's love their babies so I allow them to wean naturally.  My puppies learn so much from their moms including the beginning stages of house training.  My puppies have well-balanced even temperaments partially due to this extra time and care from their mothers.  Price of each puppy is based on overall quality according to the Pomeranian breed standard of the American Kennel Club.  I have been raising Poms for twenty years and my focus in my breeding program has always been on health and personality first.  Companion simply means that the puppy will not be for show or breeding.  It means that their one job is to love their family.  All of my puppies are available to companion homes.  Price for all pups sold as companions include spay/neuter, microchip, and entire puppy series of DAPPV vaccines plus bordatella vaccine.

Available puppies shown on this page are current.
Last update - July 28, 2014
Zeus is a beautiful orange show prospect.  He is not currently in a full coat but his coat is starting to come in nicely now.  He has a gorgeous face.  Teeth 6/6 scissor bite.  His sire is Ch Great Rivers Sunbeam Royce "Beamer".  Mother is Ch Char's The Goddess In You "Venus".  Grandsire is a white male with strong white bloodlines.  He is a super outgoing happy boy.  Very showy. 
Date of birth May 8, 2013.  Price $5000.
Sparky is a cute little orange sable boy.  Adult size is expected to be approximately three pounds.  This little boy is super sweet and cuddly.  He is outgoing and happy all the time.  Playful.  Loves Everyone.  For those of you who do not know who his daddy is, take a look: Ch Char's Pedal To The Metal Parti, Nitro.  Nitro is a beautiful male and outstanding stud dog.  A true asset to any breeding program.  Sparky is very much the same type and quality as his sire.  Mother is Char's Sandy Beach Parti
Date of birth December 16, 2013.  Price $4000
Caleb is a beautiful black and tan male.  He is from our super beautiful Char's I Got You Babe "Sonny" and Char's Goddess of Envy-ous Beauty, Breanna.  This little guy is happy and playful.  He loves everyone.  When I sit down he is the first one in my lap for some cuddles.  Very sweet loving personality.  He is a very striking boy with vibrant markings.  Date of birth January 24, 2014.  
Price $2000 includes neuter, microchip, and entire series of DAPPV vaccines. 
Zorra is a beautiful black and white parti girl.  Tons of coat!!!  Her sire is our Ch Finch's Chocolate Bon Bon Parti, Gizmo.  Mom is Ch Char's Simply Sinful Parti.  She is super sweet and cuddly.  Loves everyone.  Playful fun little girl.  Date of birth February 14, 2014.  Price $4000.  Companion - price includes spay, microchip, and puppy series of DAPPV vaccines.  
Gabriel is a beautiful little parti-boy.  His sire is our beautiful Tinker Toy and mom is Flicker, Char's Candlelight Parti.  He is a real cutie!  He is a happy, outgoing boy who is also super cuddly.  He is playful and loves everyone.  Date of birth March 1, 2014.
 Price $4000.   
Adam is a beautiful black and tan parti boy.  He is a super fun loving puppy who loves to cuddle.  He loves everyone.  His father is our super cute Tinker Toy Parti.  Mom is Char's Rhinestone Cowgirl Parti, Suzy.  She is one of our newest girls and several generations of our breeding.  Loves to play.  Extremely cute face!  Date of Birth March 23, 2014.  Price $4000. 
Savvy is a beautiful orange parti girl.    Her sire is Ch Wee Hearts N Char's Snow Day Parti, Fury.  Mom is GCH Char's Sizzlin' Hot Parti, Sizzle.  A great pedigree!  Super sweet and cuddly girl.  Happy go lucky temperament.  Loves everyone.  Very social.  Playful.  Date of birth March 24, 2014.  Price $4000. 
Lilly is a beautiful little orange girl.  She is super sweet and cuddly.  She loves to play.  Loves everyone.  She has the prettiest face - very sweet just like her. She should lose most or all of her black hairs as she matures and be very much the color of her parents. Her father was much darker at this age.  Both of her parents are champions.  Dad is Ch Char's Stud-Muffin of Lenette and mom is Ch Char's Promise Me A Rose Garden. Date of Birth March 31, 2014.  Price $4000

**Please read**

I can ship worldwide.
My puppies are AKC registered Pomeranians.
 When writing to me about a puppy, please tell me about your home, your family, and your other companions.
Price of each puppy is based on overall quality and color.
All deposits and payments are non-refundable. Do not make payment without reading the contract. A payment is considered an acceptance of the contract and the contract is binding from the time payment is made.

We plan a trip to the Chicago O'Hare area once per month on average and split the expenses between clients.  This is often a good way to fly in to get your puppy or drive and meet in that area.
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I will consider a loving companion home for any of my available puppies.